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Welcome to the AUSubaru Technical Manual !

This is a collaborative work that any member of the website can improve ( see below ).
This is the second / third ? iteration of the site & all initial data was retrieved with assistance from TOONGA with use of the web archive.

This Technical Manual & resource of Subaru Knowledge has been collaboratively written by the members of over many years and covers most of the earlier model Subaru's powered by the EA series engines and then onto some more recent models.

So the more you contribute the more comprehensive it will get.

Cheers from the editors … :)

60766244, Bantum


"I want to contribute" - This site is only editable by members and moderators.

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Fifthly :
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Once you do have permission as a member to edit the site please use the guides bellow to assist as well as the following :

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Wiki Contributors: TOONGA, Web archive, 60766244, Bantum + many others

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