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  • Engine
  • Timing belt
  • EA81/82 Exhaust upgrades



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1985 - 1994 L-Series (Leone) with EA82 Engine Cambelt (Timing Belt) Change

Some tips for the unwary who use the Gregory's manual for this.

  • Make sure you hold the pin/rod that holds the flywheel when you unbolt the crank bolt - otherwise it will go flying.
  • For cars with two fans, remover the shroud off the mechanical fan first (the one attached to water pump) before you remove the electrical one, as there is no room.
  • You will need a 12mm socket to undo the tensioners ( Gregory's only mentions 10mm ).
  • You don't need a special tool to hold the cam sprockets when you tension the cam-belt. All I did was drill two holes in a wooden table leg type thing and put two bolts through it. The distance for me was 8.6cm. Bolts 5mm wide were used. You only need this tool to hold the sprocket in place so that it does not turn. There is no need to pull on it.
  • No need to take the Aircon compressor off - just move the v-belt tensioner to take the belt off.
  • Best to align the left cam sprocket from under the car, as the alternator bracket gets in the line of sight.

EA81/82 Exhaust upgrades

A good cheap upgrade for the EA81/EA82. The stock headers are pretty good, and it takes a fair bit of knowledge to upgrade them without making problems. However after the headers join into a Y piece you can chop out the rest of the exhaust. Weld in some 2 - 2.5 " exhaust pipe, using a catalytic converter if required with a straight through sports muffler at the back. This will allow for better airflow of the exhaust system and give a much throater boxer note.


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