Lubrication & Maintenance


Some gnarly tips for maintaining / keeping your Subaru in top shape …


  • EA81
  • EA82
  • Brake adjustment

Servicing your EA81

  • Every 10,000km or 6 months ( more frequently if in harsh conditions ) you should :
  • Change Oil & Oil filter
  • Change Fuel Filters
  • Inspect CV joints for ripped boots
  • Inspect Brake Pads, tighten Drums
  • Inspect Distributor Cap / Rotor / Points

Servicing your EA82

Similar to above + timing belt needs checking every … km ?

Brake adjustment

A tip for replacing the brake pads in an early Subaru MY and L series:
When you remove the old pads from the calliper you will have to screw the piston in a clockwise direction to push it back.
The genuine tool makes this a breeze but a pair of pointy pliers will do the job.
Alternately you can use a 24mm or so socket and grind down two sides leaving two notches (2 to 4mm) that will fit into the calliper slots and make it an easier job.


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