Rear Diff Modifications


Some options / tips for modifying your Rear Differential …


  • Welding
  • Converting / Upgrade
  • Locker projects


One noted quick & easy mod to do if you want to get some traction off road : Welding your rear diff provides you with a cheap alternative to LSD or Diff locker.
The idea is to weld the spider gears so that the wheels can not move independently causing both wheels to receive drive at all times when in 4wd.

However this can cause extra strain on the rear especially when driven on bitumen. It is recommended to remove one rear CV axle for bitumen driving.
This makes a *huge* difference to your Subaru's abilities off-road and is a must do modification for hard-core off roaders.

Caution : It is not recommend long term for the issues of driveability on road.

In order to remove a rear CV axle for on-road use it may be necessary to trim 5mm off the diff stub and remove the dust cap (taps off with hammer).
Before cutting your diff stub, try to remove each side by jacking up the same side of the vehicle and removing/installing the axle.
You may find that this is possible without trimming or modifying either axle.

Note : the drivers side axle is normally the one that is easiest to remove.

More on welding your rear diff by Subius :
Instructions On Welding a Rear Diff by Vidler :
Removing a shaft from welded diff by crundle :

Converting / Upgrade

There are a few options available to upgrade or swap over. ( more to add Here )

Locker Projects

There has been an endless quest for the ultimate mod suitable for Subaru's venerable R160 rear diff …
I'm sorry to say that in all the efforts to date to make a locker system - none have eventuated as yet, but here are a few threads that might interest you :

R160 Locker project by Taza :
Brumby Diff lock by Joel :
A very different Rear end by Spike :

( more to add when I find them )


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