Subaru Conversions


Here are some possible conversions that can be made to Subaru's …


  • EJ engine into L series
  • EA82 SPFI into EA81
  • Weber carburettor mod

EJ engine into L series

An excellent thread by tim_81coupe about converting an L-Series into an EJ powered vehicle.
NA EJ20 Conversion to L Series by RXTurbo

This is a link to the conversion of a 1993 L series wagon to take a MY99 EJ20 NA engine from an Impreza. It uses the factory wiring harness and ECU, and the L series 5 speed gearbox. It has a number of images totalling around 750kb. LINK BROKEN - Can you find it?

EA82 SPFI into EA81

Here are some links to help you install a SPFI :

Found this interesting site :
& more info on the SPFI :

Also found this :

Still looking for more details on the AFM … :o

Found this as well :
& this page has the service manual for SPFI :

Weber carburettor mod

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