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Subaru Models, Parts, and Costs guide

Feel free to edit and add your Subaru parts purchases here tp act as a guide - if you find parts at the same price as listed, let us know. If things have gotten more expensive (or even cheaper ?) let us know. Unless from an advertiser, just say: Subaru genuine, retailer, wrecker or private. List the date by month/year (##/####) where possible. Make sure to stick in a brief description, price paid and location of purchase (postcode, state, country)

An example of a good listing:
|| Cost || Model Type || Item type/description || Condition of item || Purchased from || Date Purchased ||
turns into this once into the sites code :

Cost Model Type Item type/description and part number Condition of item Purchased from Date Purchased

Note: Ctrl+F is best used on this page to find items of interest quickly.

Whole Vehicles (Licenced, roadworthy)

Whole Vehicles (Un-licenced, un-roadworthy)

Brumby / MY Parts

$30 Brumby/MY windscreen, laminated Used Wrecker Jun 2005
$20 Brumby/MY dash pad no cracks wrecker May 2005
$5 Brumby/MY External door handle wrecker Jul 2005
$40 Brumby/MY gauges pod wrecker Feb 2005
$45 Brumby MY rear hub and arm, included drum Jun 2005
$50 Brumby Two pair rear wheel cylinders retailer Jun 2005
$45 Brumby rear brake shoes , 1st oversize retailer, Jun 2005
$10 Brumby/MY brake master cylinder lid only wrecker 2003
$4 Brumby/MY Brake pedal rubber new genuine July 2005
$250 Brumby/MY Twin carbs and manifold needing rebuild wrecker May 2000
$45 Brumby/MY Carby Kit for above new retailer Nov 2001
$92 Brumby EA81 cam regrind 16/56 machine shop Nov 2000
$4 Brumby EA81 solid lifters reface, machine shop Mar 2001
$20 Brumby EA81 oil pump gaskets and seals new genuine Feb 2005
$7 Brumby EA81 Oil filter , now using Z493, Z145 were too big to fill on start up
$40 MY WEBERs bought wreckers
$45 MV Brumby staked CV steering shaft Hardy Spicer K5 A-699

L-Series/Leone Parts

$14 L-Series oil pump seals ,3 different ones New Genuine Jul 2005
$14 L-Series cv boot kit, front inner/outer New Retailer Jul 2005
$26.47 L-Series two small hoses from heater core to firewall New Genuine June 2008
$270 L-Series heater core (copper/brass) New radiator shop July 2008
$75 L-Series headlight, wrecker June 2008
$75 L-Series front hub, wrecker June 2008
$750 L-Series custom three-row radiator to fit , with pipes to suit EJ

Impreza/WRX Parts

No parts listed yet.

Liberty Parts

$122.95 '92 Liberty Water pump 21111AA007 New Genuine May 2005
$4.95 '92 Liberty Gasket Water Pump LI 21114AA051 New Genuine May 2005
$25.05 '92 Liberty Thermostat 21200AA072 New Genuine April 2005

Subaru Merchandise

No parts listed yet.


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