General Modifications


Here is a general list of things that can be done to improve your Subaru …


  • Seat Conversions.
  • Fitting L Series seats to an MY.
  • Adding External Intakes.
  • Other.

Seat Conversions

Some general info on converting / swapping seats :

Fitting L Series seats to an MY

You will need 4 pieces of 40 x 8mm flat steel strap 460mm long, your original MY runners, a centre punch, scribe, pilot drill,(2-3mm will do fine), a 9 mm drill and a measuring stick.
Step 1. Using one of your 460mm straps, scribe a line 15mm from one end and use this as your hole centreline. Centre punch and using your pilot drill, drill pilot hole followed by opening hole up with your 9mm drill bit.
Step 2. From this scribe line, measure along your strap 406mm or 16" and scribe another line, centre punch, pilot drill and finish hole off with your 9mm drill bit.
Step 3. From the last scribe line measure 32mm or 1 1/4", and again scribe a line, centre punch, pilot drill and finish off with 9mm drill bit. This will leave your strap with 3 holes, 2 up 1 end and 1 on the other end and repeat these steps on your other 3 straps so you are left with 4 identical straps with 3 holes drilled in each.
Step 4. Remove original runners from MY seats for fitting and discard your L series runners if fitted.
Step 5. Turn L Series seat over to reveal seat base, Lay straps across base, (front hole to front hole, rear hole to rear hole), with the 2 holed side on the outside or towards the door, and fit front and rear outside screws
Step 6. Lay original MY runners across the straps front to rear, the inner runner bolts to the inside holes and the outer runner to pick up on the 2 remaining holes and fit screws. That's it, fit seat.

Adding External Intakes

Bennie has done a neat intake conversion to his L series, more details here :


(More to add here )


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